Nuclear waste: reality in pictures

September 24, 2019

While the public debate on nuclear waste is coming to an end, we are unveiling images showing very concretely the reality of nuclear waste accumulating in the four corners of France. This reality that the electro-nuclear industry still does not.

Behind the barbed wire, more than 1 million m³ of radioactive waste from the electro-nuclear industry are piled up in France, from Narbonne to La Hague, from Bessines to Marcoule, via the railway station. Valognes … These wastes are stored in basins, under hangars, mounds or open roofs, on vulnerable sites, as illustrated by the images of the video that we publish, filmed using drones.

This reality of radioactive waste, the nuclear industry tries to minimize by maintaining the myth that everything is under control, from one end to the other of the sector. In fact, we still do not know what to do with this waste, which is much more numerous than officially listed in our report “At what price? The hidden costs of nuclear waste.

The public debate on nuclear waste, which began on 17 April and ends on 25 September, has made it possible to tackle many topics: the radioactive transport problems that plow the territory, the absurd policy of reprocessing spent fuel, the Cigéo’s false solution, the saturation of storage sites, the radioactive discharges at sea … Our activists mobilized all over France to participate actively in the debates and to make other voices heard than the one of the nuclear industry. The debate is coming to an end, but the reality of the nuclear waste crisis continues and the images we are showing today are new proof of this.

Source: Green Peace France

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